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We’ve got you covered from design to build and even timber harvest. From personalized design concepts to sustainable harvest and expert construction, we bring your vision to life with dedication and skill.

Design Services

Our design services cover a wide range, offering personalized solutions from custom designs to retrofits and remodels. Whether you’re envisioning a unique creation or refining existing spaces, our team brings creativity  and expertise to each project, guaranteeing a sophisticated transformation aligned with your specific style and requirements.

Building Services

Building Services

We are happy to collaborate with your general contractor or independently take charge of the project. Whether working in tandem or overseeing the entire process, our skilled team ensures the construction of robust and aesthetically pleasing timber structures, that align with your vision and exceed quality standards.

Custom Timber Frame Beams

Harvest Services

Our timber harvest services epitomize customization, incorporating our clients’ own timber when possible.  Through collaborative property surveys, we identify material for the design. Selective logging, considering size, species, and quality, offers sustainability and cost-effectiveness. When personal harvesting isn’t an option, we lean towards local materials like White Pine, Poplar, and Hemlock, while also offering alternatives such as Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, White Oak, and Southern Yellow Pine for a versatile and eco-conscious approach to every project.

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