Handcrafted Timber Frame Construction

From functional design to locally sourced wood, and a hands-on approach as our foundation, Spatial Design Build weaves high performance and sustainability into all company operations to reduce our carbon footprint. Steeped in stewardship, Spatial believes in our obligation to protect and serve as advocates for the environment. Blended with our passion for creating innovative structures that join form and function, and a deeply felt desire to give back to our communities, we are able to achieve superior outcomes for our clients. What truly sets us apart is our desire to establish relationships based on trust and our commitment to delivering the highest quality product in a timely manner. While our values remain timeless, we eagerly embrace modern standards for sustainable construction, and new ways to bring viable green building solutions to the table. At Spatial, we pride ourselves in developing high performance structures that are environmentally responsible, and operating our company in the same way.


Spatial Design Build tailors design packages, from custom plans to retrofits, using state of the art software for detailed, structurally sound, and aesthetically appealing timber frames. Combining traditional craftmanship with modern precision ensures innovative and timeless designs.. 


Through site analysis, our timber framing experts evaluate on-site trees for harvest and integration, considering factors like species, age, and health. This ensures that each timber selected not only meets high-quality standards but also contributes uniquely to the integrity and beauty of the final design.


Spatial Design Build merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary techniques, ensuring precision and durability. Expertly crafted frames come to life on-site with careful installation.

Our Process

Our process unifies design and engineering with fabrication and installation. Experience continuity as you collaborate with the same team from concept to completion ensuring a personalized and cohesive journey throughout your project. We’re here to make the process as simple as possible for you.


This stage entails imagining design elements, formulating plans, and achieving a cohesive balance between style and practicality.

Design & Engineering

We mix precision and innovation in our design and engineering services, creating structures that smoothly blend style and functionality.


With a knack for craftsmanship, our fabrication services focus on quality, delivering durable timber frames that capture timeless detail and expert artistry.


We’re pros at it – installing timber frames with precision. Quick and seamless, we make sure they fit perfectly into your space.

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